Plant Sale: Complete for 2022, but check back in in January 2023 to pre-order veggie starts!

Local Veggie Starts For Your Home Garden

Pick up your customized plant order in Spring 2023.

All 6-Packs: $4

All 4″ Pots: $4

Leave the headache of starting your plants indoors to us. Leggy Kitchen Window Seedlings No More!


Cool Season Plants – ALL 6-Packs ($4 per pack)

Broccoli – deCicco, an heirloom sprouting brocooli

Brussels Sprouts – Gustus (Hybrid), a robust well-loved variety

Cabbage – (may be green or red)

Kale – Westlander (OP), a curly green variety

Head Lettuce Mix – (Mix of red and green varieties)

Cilantro – Calypso, an open-pollinated, slow-bolting variety, our favorite

Parsley – may be curly or flat

Dill – from our own saved seed

Swiss Chard – Rainbow (OP)

Spinach – Bloomsdale (OP), our favorite

Arugula – Esmee (OP), a slow-bolting variety

Snap Peas – Sugar Ann

Warm Season Starts – 6 Packs or 4″ Pots (All $4 each)

Tomatoes – Slicers, a mix of our favorites

Tomatoes – Cherries, orange, reds, and purples *Sold Out*

Sweet Peppers – Bell and Italian-style. Range of gorgeous colors *Sold Out*

HOT Peppers- Our hottest varieties, Hungarian Hot Wax and Habanero *Sold Out*

MILD-ER Hot Peppers – A little less spice, Jalapeno and Cherry *Sold Out*

Eggplant- Beatrice (F1 Hybrid, fan favorite)

Yellow Summer Squash – Success PM Straightneck (OP)

Zucchini – Dunja (hybrid) or our favorite heirloom Costata Romanesca, a delicious striped variety

Cucumber – Marketmore 76 (OP), our go-to favorite

Winter Squash- Butternut (OP)

Winter Squash- Delicata (OP), skin tender enough to eat

Winter Squash- New England Long Pie Pumpkin, a MOST delicious heirloom

Winter Squash- Winter Luxury, a round heirloom pie pumpkin

Winter Squash- Blue Kuri (OP), a rare Kabocha-type, long shelf life

Basil -6pks- Rutgers Devotion DMR (OP), our favorite Italian Genovese-type

Green Beans -6pks- Jade or Provider, both fantastic bush varieties